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i'm going to reading and would love a voucher! :)

oh awesome:)! I can totally send one to you then ! Do you want to know any more about it first or? 

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Hamburger Chef Jamie Oliver Proves McDonald’s Burgers ‘Unfit for human consumption’

This is fucking disgusting ….. This is such a good reason to go vegan. I felt so sick when he brought that fucking cow in.

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Sorry about this, I need to ask though!

Hello lovelies , I have a request for all of you.
Are any of you going to reading festival this year? I am a festival rep (working for we-represent). I have been designated with 8 vouchers. If you ask me to send you one of these vouchers, I will do so, you then simply have to follow the instructions: type in the code etc and purchase your ticket online. The delivery price of these tickets is £6 less than it would be if you booked from the festival website. You do not need to send me any money, I only send you a voucher that proves I 'influenced' you to buy the ticket. You can verify the legitimacy of we-represent by looking them.up.png line- I think Leeds confirmed it. By purchasing the ticket from me you will be putting me closer to getting a free ticket- I can't afford to buy one! Student! Message me if you're interested, thanks xxx PS. I'm a nice person - not a scammer !!
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This year the massacre of Gadhimai, the biggest sacrifice event in the world, will take place in Nepal and causes the death of 250.000 animals.

Please send this protestletter and distribute the website with the appeal from Animal Equality India, who are trying to convince the Nepalese authority to forbid this feast: ’

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How does a 8 year old boy, who cannot consent, rape a 21 year old women?





*with his dick*
if you can ejaculate. you adult. that’s biology. 

no male should be doing this to anyone else AT ALL.

so yeah that gets rid of the age of consent horseshit. now all that’s left is SOMEONE (perp!) PENETRATING SOMEONE ELSE’S BODY (vic!).




Did u kno that 8 year olds are actually not consenting adults and a 20 year old woman forcing sex on a small child is a rapist and a pedophile and if you defend her you’re an actual bag of trash

Go get in the trash can

No one even has time for this

I don’t think you read the question…. I’m not saying that if a woman raped someone under the age of sixteen it wouldn’t be rape AND pedophilia …. but in this case lollypoa asked whether it was possible for the 8 year old to rape a 21 year old… this is just as bad as the reverse in my opinion. No rape is ever ok obviously…. I think you got confused cuppycakeshiru. Sexselector wasn’t saying that an 8 year old is a consesnting adult… but just because they’re 8 doesn’t mean they’re incapable of rape. If an 8 year old pulls a knife on a 21 year old and rapes them…. it’s still rape, it doesn’t suddenly become the 21 year old doing the raping…. and you just made it sound like it does …. 

Ok so let me put all this in context for you since you seem to be confused
So in a few countries there are these laws that if a older woman had sex with a minor and that minor got her pregnant she can sue for child support and file rape charges.
Because feminists fucking with legislation that’s why.
And it has happened.
More than once.
Does that clear things up?

Oh ok fair enough… that’s pretty fucked up…. which countries exactly? 

Also… I don’t think you can really generalize it that much… that’s one thing I really disagree with you on actually. I consider myself to be a feminist. Now by this, I mean I believe in the equality - not just in rights or laws but in attitudes (no jokes about women no dedicating certain roles to them that only they can carry out etc). So men and women should be exactly the same, I believe we should eliminate our ideas of gender to a certain extent. I do not believe however that women now have a right to attempt to ‘usurp’ men, that’s misandry… not feminism. In my opinion anyone who is not for the complete and utter equality of men and women is not a feminist. Therefore anyone trying to put forward the law you just informed me of is in no way, a feminist. They are in fact sexist pigs. Now this may mean there aren’t all that many feminists …. but that’s old news :P

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Hi :( I feel horrible. I are pad thai last night (which has fish oil) and a bit of cheese and I feel so bad about it cause I knew but I had an abortion in the morning and I was just so emotional and my step mom got it for me and now I just feel worse :(

Hi my love, 

Seriously, don’t worry about it, you’ve had an extremely traumatic and stressful day. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes! You should in no way feel bad about it, I don’t know who you are, but you’re still beautiful- inside and out. You have every right to be emotional after going through something like that, it means nothing, that food is in the past. Focus on the future because that’s all that’s left :) Be positive, you feel bad about it? Do something, chin up and make a goal for yourself not to do it again- then maybe you can take something positive out of this. You can remember that, if you’re ever upset again, eating animal products will only make it worse. Please don’t feel bad my darling, I’m not going to pretend I understand how you must feel after having an abortion, but I can tell you that you are a wonderful person :) 

Please be happy! Forget about eating it! 

love to you beautiful xxx

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That’s depressing… basically for those who don’t speak French: She’s talking about how she was watching Bambi with her kid and, when Bambi’s mum dies she starts crying and her kid goes … don’t worry mum she’ll make a great pate… and her mum says ‘I’ve created a monster’. So yeah I think this pretty much summarises how much we’ve been de-sensitized. These characters are actually meant to resemble people and this kid still doesn’t get affected by it. 

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Hi so I've recently gone vegetarian(but no eggs and little dairy) and my goal is vegan. My parents are holding me from that goal though. They said they'll support me being vegetarian but not vegan?.. They told me when I first became vegetarian that they don't want me shoving how I feel about veganism down their throats but they are always flaunting meat around and have started eating out more(they aren't very supportive). I don't know what to do because I'm very passionate about becoming vegan.

Hi sweetie, 

Ok well I see no reason why you can’t get around this! You don’t need them to support you- get a part time job, buy your own food (veganism is a very cheap lifestyle). Or offer to cook your own meals. Or do some research- your parents have no right to dictate what you put into your body so show them you know what you’re doing , show them the benefits of veganism for the animals, the environment, and your body. Buy some vegan cook books show them the variety of foods you can still eat. They may be worried about your health just search ‘studies on the effect veganism has on health’ or something. They’ll all say veganism is good for your health (you just need to watch out for B12 levels). Make sure that they understand you are incredibly serious about this and they won’t want to flaunt their meat eating. I doubt they want to actually hurt your feelings- they probably don’t understand how important it is to you!!! Tell them how you feel !!! 

I hope this helped somehow , good luck!! xxxx

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I like you even more that you don't know those things. I want to give you a slap on the butt and say "good job" like basketball players do.

ahahaah, well thankss ? :)

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wow what a challenge this one turned out to be

As a bisexual this is a shitty situation

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