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I didn’t know there were twenty thousand vegans on tumblr!!!

You can be against animal cruelty and not a vegan

You can be against animal cruelty and not be vegan, but that means you are still the reason 98% of animal cruelty is happening.

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Eating meat is 100% unethical, unsustainable and unnecessary.

unnecessary?? who the fuck do you think you’re fooling lmao

fucking preach I’m tired of this anti-meat BS

cam ily but its true that the meat industry is completely unsustainable. not only are most slaughterhouses horrifically unethical, the way we have bred cows and other animals meant for produce has meant that they are completely incapable of existing without these farms. animal rights aside, the environmental impact is MASSIVE and frankly inexcusable. im not saying like. everyone has the means and ability to go veg but defending the industry is just. bad.

yeah basically the meat industry is god awful. *eating meat isn’t unnecessary for lots of reasons (cultural, economic, physically Can’t Go Veg bc of eating disorder/other illness etc) but it’s a terrible terrible system that really needs to be overhauled 100% and certainly shrunk down from the industrial process that it is today. meat industry is bad

Economic and ethical issues aside, I’d like to point out that this chart is extremely misleading. There’s no such thing as “250 beefs”. Presumably it means that the space can sustain 250 cows, so just think for a second about how much more biomass and potential nutritional value there is in a whole cow vs a carrot. 250 cows may not be 30,000 carrots’ worth, but it’s pretty close.

And it’s not like one cow only feeds one person, either. A carrot is good for one meal, but a whole cow can provide as many as 20 cuts of meat, so a fair comparison would put the number of beef servings as high as 5,000, or at least 2,000 if we’re talking about large steaks.

I neither support nor oppose the meat industry as it stands, but I vehemently oppose misinformation or misrepresentation of statistics. Obviously everybody is entitled to their own opinion on how best to solve the world’s food crisis, and everybody is entitled to their own set of ethical values, but misleading infographics like this are not in anybody’s best interests.

Actually no, this chart isn’t misleading at all. It doesn’t say “250 beefs,” it says 250lbs of beefs. The title at the top of the chart says “POUNDS of food that can be produced from an acre of prime farm land.” 250lbs of beef can not make 2000 steaks. And just saying, there is MUCH more nutritional value in carrots compared to beef. I oppose misinformation too, which is why whenever people say eating meat is good or healthy or doesn’t hurt the environment I’m like “CAN YOU PLEASE JUST STOP” because if anyone says that they are obviously very very misinformed and probably brainwashed too, and now that I know the truth I feel like it’s my responsibility to educate the people that believe this. There is nothing inaccurate about this chart, I’m tired of people reblogging this saying “I don’t believe this, where are the sources?” like excuse me are you blind it’s right on the bottom where it says “source.” Like I said in the original caption: Eating meat is 100% unethical, unsustainable and unnecessary.

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catsbeaversandducks:My Adopted Cat Is The Best Climbing Partner Ever

Via Bored Panda


I think I’ve reblogged this before bUT I DONT CARE ITS SO CUTE

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Blind dog rescue: Fiona - Video

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What's your opinion on killing pests? (Such as flies, mosquitoes, spiders)

I disagree with it, they are in no way dangerous (depending on where you live of course) I mean if I was about to be bitten by some poisons spider then obviously I’d kill it … self defense. But I live in England so, I just let them be :)

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I would just like to say that your blog fucking irritates me. You're responses to some of these people are so fucking rude. You need to grow up and realize people are going to disagree with you and being a sarcastic bitch when answering them just makes you come of as ignorant. I'm sure you have many faults, and what is so irritating is that you come off as someone who thinks they rule the wold just because they are vegan. You're not fucking special.

I would like to say that i don’t give a fuck. I think you’ll find that I do rule the world thank you very much. I’m now going to send my vegan devil after you for suggesting otherwise. 

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